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LovetheSun 10:52 AM 07-24-2017
Hi everyone!

Do any of you guys have regrets with you childcare?

Right now I really regret that I didn't raise the tuition cost for the families that were with us the last four years, I did for the new ones but now there is a $15/day difference between the old ones and new ones.

I found it silly that I didn't even raise my price of $5 per day for the oldest families. It would have make such a big difference in my life and I dont think they can fully appreciate it.

I also regret not closing when one of my family member needed me and I choose to think about the families enrolled rather than flying the next day (I end up waiting until the weekend).
LVG 11:53 AM 07-24-2017
Me! I wished I had allowed myself paid vacations, sick leave, and personal days! I didn't make my families pay if I was closed, which resulted in me rarely closing because I couldn't afford to! 4 years of just a Friday here and there has been tough! I even had parents the first year ask if they could not pay me when they went on vacation, and I agreed! That only took 1 summer to realize that wasn't going to continue...when you have multiple families vacationing in one figure out really fast that you can't keep allowing that! Looking back, I can't even believe they asked me if they could skip paying's like saying "hey, I'm going on vacation and could use the extra money for my lovely trip...could you spare some of your income for it". I had to grow a backbone really quick! I will say, when I started, I took on all babies and toddlers that had never been in a daycare, so their parent's weren't used to the "you pay no matter if they come or not" rule that applies to most places. I think they were looking at it as me just making extra money staying home, but that was not my case! This income replaced my full time income that I had was a necessary part of our finances.

I have 6 weeks left before we close down and move. If I were to do it over, I would most definitely had allowed myself paid days! Wished I had known about the forum back then...maybe I would have made some different choices!
Unregistered 03:14 PM 07-24-2017
Changing my closing hours from 5 to 5:30
Giving vacation discounts
Not giving myself paid time off
Accepting part time kid and not having a formal policy on part timers.
Just to name a few....
Josiegirl 02:56 AM 07-25-2017
Biggest dc regrets? I wish I'd found this site so much earlier. I also wish I had a better business sense and tone. I've said yes for others too often and given myself 2nd best.
DaveA 04:59 AM 07-25-2017
Not specializing (say infants or school age) instead of doing mixed age care. It's just not done in this area but I think it could work. The transition to it would be painful so I haven't done it.
Annalee 10:03 AM 07-25-2017
I wish I had a Daycare building NOT CONNECTED to the house! While I have a separate room, sometimes even that can be difficult.
hwichlaz 10:43 AM 07-25-2017
Any time I've not enforced policies...
AmyKidsCo 01:24 PM 07-26-2017
Ignoring my instinct when enrolling children and "grinning and bearing it" instead of terminating care a couple of times. Also bending policies and expecting parents to reciprocate.
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