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Unregistered 08:51 PM 08-25-2011
Does anyone know the penalty/fine for being over allowed number of children per license in MN?
Michael 12:55 AM 08-26-2011
That's a tough question. We have many here from Minnesota. Maybe one of them will answer.
daysofelijah 05:58 AM 08-26-2011
I think it's up to the commissioner/judge or county. Whoever is taking action in the grievance.
DCMom 06:46 AM 08-26-2011
Are you talking ratios or total numbers?

If its ratios, it's going to depend on how far over ratios the provider is and the circumstances. As always in MN, the licensing workers interpretation comes into play. This is where those variances we talked about earlier this week are so important

If it is total numbers, it's a negative licensing action. It would be hard to get around that.
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