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Daycare Menus, Breakfast, Lunch and Snack Ideas Post breakfast items, lunch items, and snack items that are all child friendly here. Each posting should include ONLY ONE meal option. The SUBJECT of each message should be ONLY the name of the food you are describing.

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Old 01-20-2012, 04:45 AM
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Default Parents Bringing In A Treat

I've seen some discussion lately about not allowing parents to bring in any food whatsoever due to food program regulations.

I don't see this regulation in my food program, and since I'm new, I'm wondering what the thinking is behind this?

If a parent wants to, for example, bring in some banana bread for "monkey" week, what would be the negative issues involved with this?

Since I'm new, I'd like to learn what it is you-all are thinking. I've never considered this one before.
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Old 01-20-2012, 04:58 AM
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Most parents just want to let their child walk in with food to make the transition easier--for the parents. This is not likely to be carrot sticks and a sippy of water, but a pop tart and chocolate milk, or red Kool Aid and a Snickers bar. We're really not kidding, either. We've seen it. It's our OWN program we blame usually because it's our own rule.

As for group treats, I think most of us would be fine with those so long as we're notified in advance so any allergies can be accommodated. But really? Those offers are rare, and usually for junk food we would rather the children not have.

Not that we're against treats, we're against crap.
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Old 01-20-2012, 05:34 AM
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I'd LOVE them to bring in a treat for EVERYONE. If it was related to our current curriculum theme I'd be ecstatic.

It is the Candy Bribe to get them out of the car that I don't allow.

I don't like wired, filthy, sticky, screaming kids being handed to me any more than their parents would like it if the roles were reversed at pick up time.
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Old 01-20-2012, 06:00 AM
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I allow treats from home if they bring enough for everyone. We get treats once or twice a week. My parents are pretty good to keep it somewhat healthy. One likes to bring in a fruit tray. They give them to me and we have them at afternoon snack if everyone behaves. If they don't we try again tomorrow.
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Old 01-20-2012, 08:56 AM
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I had parents ONE time offer to bring in cupcakes on their son's birthday. I don't have a problem with that at all. Like pp said, it is a rare treat and as long as parents provide enough for everyone, there is nothing wrong with that.
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Old 01-20-2012, 11:23 AM
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OK, I get it now! I was not understanding at all! Now it makes more sense!

I am really blessed by my families. One mom just said to me the other day "would it be all right if I brought some monkey bread for snack one day?" I'm like GREAT! She said maybe we could have a monkey day! I'm like "let's do it!"

I am blessed!
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Old 08-20-2013, 03:19 PM
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what a nice momma
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food from home, food from outside

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