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Lil_Diddle 12:11 PM 09-09-2021
Let me start by saying that this mom is a great parent.
Baby is 6 months old and is bottle only. Baby barely makes it 3 hours before needing another 6 oz bottle. When asked if mom has started giving her cereal or food at home her response was no, that that just seemed like something extra for her to have to do. And mom did mention that her dr told her she could start her on cereal 2 months ago.

Iím not sure how to approach mom about this a second time. I have no problem with spoon feeding baby. And I think feeding her will help spread out the bottles and help her nap better. If she had a better reason for waiting, I wouldnít push it. But her response sort of floored me, especially because she is such a good mom (for reference this is her second child that Iíve taken of hers)
Michael 08:57 PM 09-09-2021
I put some tags at the bottom of your thread. We moved the forum to

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