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Charrison1020 01:54 PM 06-16-2016
I have an 11 month old daycare child that I've had since he was newborn. It took a while to get him to nap on schedule but he was doing so. Now he won't sleep more than 25 minutes ALL DAY and his parents don't see an issue with it. He's very needy and cries a lot, so by the time nap time comes around, I'm ready for a little break. But I'm not getting one anymore. I have all the kids separated so it's not anyone keeping him awake. He's the reason I had to separate, because he wakes everyone else up. What should I do?
mommyneedsadayoff 02:00 PM 06-16-2016
Double down on naps. Two a day (9-10:30 and 1-3 or something similar) and let him cry it out.
BarbInMich 07:49 PM 06-16-2016
Ask the parents what his sleep-time routine is at home. In the past, I've had trouble with babies taking naps and eventually realized I needed to ask.

One family said they left a radio on in the room while the baby slept. Several families said they had to run a fan. Room-darkening shades helped with one child. A few families give their babies blankets or stuffed animals, but that didn't help me since they can't have them in the crib here before age 1.

The worst response I got from a parent was that they co-sleep with the baby and the mom told me that the baby won't sleep well without feeling her mom or dad sleeping next to her. Boy was that frustrating to find out. So for months on end, the baby took 5-15 minute naps a couple times a day and ANY sudden noise (phone ringing, someone sneezing or coughing, someone dropping a toy on the floor, etc.) would wake her up. Thankfully the baby outgrew that and started taking real naps.

Hang in there Charrison1020, it'll get better (easy for me to say, right?).
Luke25 06:41 PM 06-17-2016
Yikes! That's rough!
Sounds like they may be over tired. I would try giving two naps for sure. An 11 month old definitely needs more than 25 minutes in a day and so do you!!
Do you use any white noise or a fan? That really helps mine.
KiwiKids 07:31 PM 06-17-2016
Oh my! The 11 month old I have is sleeping 4hrs of her 10hr day here and sleeping 8pm-5am at home. She did recently have two weeks where she only took 45 minute naps and it made for a LONG two weeks. I didn't change a thing and she's flipped back into sleeping soundly again.
thrivingchildcarecom 12:53 PM 06-20-2016
I have had kids like this in the past. Parent's probably are not enforcing the nap at home either since they don't have a problem with it.
I have a few suggestions:
1. If you can separate him, just let him "rest his body" for the remainder of the nap period. Eventually, he should start sleeping longer.
2. You could also try suggesting to the parents that maybe he would be better on a half-day schedule, which would mean they would need to pick him up (they won't like that and might take it more to heart.
3. Finally, try explaining how important sleep/nap is for the developing brain of this infant. Pull up some research on google to back you up.

Good luck!
Ariana 01:16 PM 06-20-2016
Originally Posted by mommyneedsadayoff:
Double down on naps. Two a day (9-10:30 and 1-3 or something similar) and let him cry it out.
This. He has to stay in his crib until nap time is over and not a moment sooner. He is learning that when he cries nap time is over.
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