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tenderhearts 08:29 AM 03-03-2011
Breakfast time is so very hard, trying to prepare and feed a 13 mo old an 11 mo old and a 4 yr old, it never goes smoothly it's so stressful, how do others do it and have it go smoothly? I dread breakfast every single day.
momatheart 08:50 AM 03-03-2011
I would stop doing it. Is there a way you can have all fed before arriving? Move your am snack to be sooner and lunch sooner?
MyAngels 09:17 AM 03-03-2011
What is it that makes it so difficult?
heyhun77 10:37 AM 03-03-2011
I have 6 to 8 kids at breakfast time and what I did to get rid of some stress was to move breakfast to later (8:30 am) and then eliminate morning snack. That gave the kids a chance to play for a while while I greeted them as they came in and also then I have a little longer to get breakfast ready but the big perk is tha my own school agers (2 boys) can eat, prepare for school and get out the door before I'm trying to focus my attention on breakfast.

Depending on what part stresses you out, maybe plan the meal ahead of time and have everything sitting out on the counter the night before that can be left out, prepare food so they just have to be reheated or thrown in the oven to cook, ect. Otherwise, maybe have the kids eat at home and discontinue breakfast all together.
tenderhearts 11:03 AM 03-03-2011
Well what makes it hard is, my first dcb 13 mo. gets here at 7am, my own son gets up at 7:15 for school, so I have to make his breakfast, but I don't feed the 13 mo old at this time, I try to prepare sons breakfast before 13 mo old gets here that way I'm not away that long, seconds, some of it I can keep for the other kids. Then about 7:30am the 11 mo old arrives and about 7:45 4 yr old arrives, it's just really hard to carry two babies in there prepare 11 mo olds meal since she isn't eating many solids yet, cutting up the 13 mo olds food, then getting the other plate ready, then when we are done, I have to one by one wipe each baby and carry each one out into the room, it's just so long. So I wait until about 8 to do breakfast. I just can't leave them alone in the daycare room to prepare for very long. If I'm not fast enough getting the stuff prepared and ready the babies get fussy.

I try to get every thing ready before anyone arrives but some of it I have to wait, I feel like serving cereal every day.I would cut out breakfast but that's a huge thing for my parents, everyone of them asked that in their interviews if I did breakfast so I can't really cut it out of the plan.
laundrymom 11:08 AM 03-03-2011
I plop mine in highchairs with sippies and rice crispies at that age.
laundrymom 11:09 AM 03-03-2011
My breakfast crew is 14 wks, 5 mo, 10 mo, almost 2, 3,3,4,2
DBug 11:20 AM 03-03-2011
I've got 5 to 8 kids for breakfast every morning over the course of an hour or two, so I have a breakfast buffet . I have cups, bowls, spoons, etc already out (either before opening or the night before), and then I get out the cold cereal dispenser, milk & juice, oatmeal packets, and cut fruit and yougurt on ice. I put hot-ish water in a stainless steel carafe for the oatmeal and the main course (bagels, muffins, pancakes, whatever) go in an electric serving tray. I make the main right when I open. Kids 3 and up can pretty much help themselves, and if they have trouble the older ones will help them. But it frees me up to prep baby food and spoon-feed 2 or 3 babies if need be, or cut up food for toddlers.

I don't know how I'd do it if I didn't do things this way -- we have to be done by 7:45 so that I can get cleaned up, do diaper checks and get everyone dressed for the bus stop at 8:30.

So it can be done, but if you can avoid it, do it . By chance I had only my own 3 kids for breakfast one day last week, and wow, what a difference it made! So much less stressful and crazy
tenderhearts 11:41 AM 03-03-2011
I do that too, the night before I get out everything have it ready on the counter, even as far as filling the 13 mo olds cup with his milk. Then before my first child I try to make whatever it is we're having but it just seems so hecktic still, I'm really anal about "cleaning" when they are done, I hate putting everything in the sink for later, so I think that stresses me out too knowing it's there waiting for me. Part of it too is carrying the 2 babies back and forth. One of them can walk but when he walks he goes every where but the kitchen. Maybe it's just me
squareone 11:47 AM 03-03-2011
Originally Posted by laundrymom:
I plop mine in highchairs with sippies and rice crispies at that age.

Yes! Just avoid any breakfast items (like applesauce) that must be spoon fed. I just serve things they can eat with their hands (toast, bagels, cereal, scrambled eggs, rice, diced fruit) right on their tray and let the babies have at it.

I know fresh is much healthier but you can save a couple of minutes by buying canned fruit (packed in juice) that is already diced.

If you don't want to discontinue breakfast altogether, then maybe you can compromise and just offer a cold breakfast. Just serve either cereal, yogurt, or muffins with a fruit each day. Just make sure the cereals are whole grain and low sugar.
tenderhearts 12:38 PM 03-03-2011
I still have to spoon feed the 11 mo old, she doesn't eat a lot of solids yet, hopefully as she starts eating more it will get easier, but feeding her isn't the whole issue of the stress it's a mixture of things I guess. Cleaning up part is probably the hardest just knowing I'm not doing a thourough job until later.
grandmom 01:30 PM 03-03-2011
Toast, bananas, and milk. If they arrive it's not even toasted.
SandeeAR 05:30 PM 03-03-2011
I have everything out and ready before they get here. Mine arrive from 7:15-7:45 and we have breakfast at 8. I have a 2.5 y/o, 15 mo, 11 mo and 7 month. I still have to hand feed the 11 mo and 7 mo their cereal. When I fix oatmeal for the 15 mo, I still have to help him to eat. He is just getting the hang of it.

I don't fill milk cups until they are at least half through with the meal. If I let two of them see them before then, they just drink and don't eat.

It is all in the organization of it. I also, start by putting the youngest first up to the oldest in the chairs.
Cat Herder 05:44 PM 03-03-2011
I resolved this by not opening until 8 am. I know, it sounds too simple.

My kids are up at 5:30 and I have breakfast hot and ready... They are on the bus at 6:50 and I have an entire hour of peace, quiet and coffee while I visit with you gals..

I made this opening time change last year when my kids went to public school after having being home schooled with me. I thought I would get a fight after I sent home the note letting everyone know of the change.

I told them the truth, it was important to me to get my kids off to school with a good breakfast and a little alone time with me. It also was in case I had to get the kids projects to school in the mornings, they missed the bus or if I needed to meet with teachers

The only responses were "Ok, I will just go to the gym after work. Hope they enjoy school, how exciting!" and "Not a problem, DH is home until 10, anyway..." The others never arrived before then, anyway...

Right now everyone arrives by 8:10 and breakfast is a breeze...

Maybe you will get lucky, too? Worth a thought?
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