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kcnjason 01:52 PM 06-09-2011
I mistakenly ordered pasting squares, meaning to order tissue paper squares. Now I have a large amount of pasting squares and no ides of what to use them for. Does anybody have any ideas?
Crystal 02:22 PM 06-09-2011
collage - allow them to glue freely to create designs, etc.

counting and sorting by colors - use pieces of colored construction paper and have children sort the squares matching them to the construction paper - have them count them.

same as above except write numbers 1-10 on the construction paper and have them place count out the right number of squares while placing them on the paper

cut a bunch of them up into tiny pieces to use as a different material for collage

make each child a small paper booklet, put numbers on each page and have them glue the right number of squares onto each page. do the numbers in order 1- 10 and they have a counting book

write their names in big letters, give them glue to put over the letters and glue the squares on to make a name sign

create pattern cards (red, red, blue, blue, etc) give the children a bowl of squares and have them create the same patterns.
SilverSabre25 03:04 PM 06-09-2011
what are pasting squares?
Crystal 03:14 PM 06-09-2011
little squares of colored paper for gluing.
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