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Lyss 08:29 AM 07-03-2012
one of my DCPs gets DC reimbursement from her employer for a portion of her DC expenses. To get this I have to fill out a Flexible Spending Account/Dependent Care Reimbursement Request with my EIN, dates of service (monthly), and costs then sign and date it.

My issue is lately she's been filling the forms out incorrectly, the dates of service are not the full month (so she gets paid faster she says) and now she wants me to fill out only my information and sign but she will fill in the amounts and dates. I'm concerned that she may be writing in the wrong amounts, i don't see her as that type but I've learned not to trust anyone when it comes to money and I'm paranoid.

If she is lying on the amounts to her employer will this effect me? I'm affraid that her employer is going to 1099 (or whatever tax form it is they send out to report $ paid) and the amounts will not match up with what I actually made.

I've never had to fill out these forms and her employer is not cutting me a check, she pays me and they reimburse her, but I just want to make sure i"m not getting taken advantage of or going to get screwed at the end of the year.
MN Day Mom 08:48 AM 07-03-2012
You should be filling these forms out or at the very least, only signing them if all of the information is filled out correctly.

This information gets submitted to the IRS so it should reflect true and correct information to protect yourself.
small_steps 10:52 AM 07-03-2012
I would most definately not sign anything unless I had filled it out completely. You never know about people. She may be doing something that helps her on her taxes and doesn't realize it could hurt you in the long run. It may be purely innocent but better to be safe than sorry.
Mary Poppins 01:44 PM 07-03-2012
Definitely do NOT sign again until you know the numbers add up!! I had a client who used to bring me the form and I insisted that I filled it out so I knew for sure, for the same reasons you are worried about it. Better to be safe than sorry!
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