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GretasLittleFriends 11:46 AM 06-25-2010
I have recently found myself with a few openings. One family moved away, another family is here two months gone two months (shared custody) and the third family is using family to save money, and considering moving closer to their places of employment...

Anyway, rather than taking an ad out in the paper (yet) I was thinking about offering my current families a referral bonus. I'm not sure how to write it. I would require that the new clients be full-time, preferrably not weekends as I'm starting to want to get away from 24/7, and just do 24/5. I also won't give them their bonus unless the new people are here for a certain amount of time (maybe 2 months?). I would give them $50 off their bill. Also, I have some people who are on county assistance and pay no copay, I suppose I should give them the $50 cash for the referral. Then I wonder if I shouldn't just offer them the choice either $50 off their bill or cash.

Any help/input would be greatly appreciated.
jen 12:35 PM 06-25-2010
I have found that when I ask my parents to spread the word about an opening they do...without needing a bonus. I actually just picked up a set of siblings from a parent referral.

Have you tried craigslist? I also picked up one child that way. I know lots of people have spam issues that way, but I actually haven't. I never include any personal information.
originalkat 12:59 PM 06-25-2010
When I have an opening I just list it in my newsletter for the families to see. This is the wording I use:

We are now enrolling for one full-time opening for a 2-5 year old!
Tuition is $125 per week
Refer a child who enrolls and receive $25 OFF one week’s tuition!

(Discount Applied after one month of paid tuition by the new enrollee!)

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