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slorey 12:14 PM 01-28-2014
The thread about receiving so much literature in the mail got me thinking...anyone know any free programs, samples, products, etc available to child care providers? Thought this might be a good place to post our ideas to share with others, as well as info for how to sign up for these things! Everyone loves a good freebie, right?
I apologize if there are already threads about this topic. My nook does not allow me to use the search function and I have a little one sleeping in my lap so I can't use my desktop right now.
KIDZRMYBIZ 12:28 PM 01-28-2014
I was thinking the same thing! I hopped on Colgate and got signed up for that, but couldn't find any home-delivered kits or anything from EPA. I was super disappointed when Book It! pulled the plug on daycares.

The only "goodies" I'm getting is Scholastic Reading Club, and free magazines from Oriental Trading (the kids pour over these forever!). And then, locally, our public school system has a resource center with a program for in-home providers, which is pretty great.

I can't wait to see what others say! I hope to be googling like crazy tonight!
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