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Unregistered 03:53 PM 03-18-2020
We are licensed providers and business owners, not child care workers. We are asked to assume risk by staying open but not being recognized in the financial supports for child care workers.
Michael 04:49 PM 03-18-2020
We have seen many state agencies ask for guidance. Since we are a private business we can only give our opinion. We are seeing confusion as to whether Daycare should stay open during this crisis. Since many healthcare and law enforcement agencies must be in the field assisting with their government mandate for care, we would think daycare services would be financially covered, supported and allowed to stay open by the state and federal government.

I think there will be incredible blow-back by this state by state inconsistency in support. I would bet that this will change for the better soon. It has to.
Ariana 05:58 PM 03-18-2020
The same confusion exists here. My suggestion is to write your representatives and tell them to count you in the financial aid. We just got the announcement today for financial aid and it looks like we may qualify but the wording is precarious to say the least.
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