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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>How are You Doing Colleagues? How are You Survive in This Crisis?
maxfromca 05:04 PM 04-07-2020
Good day everyone, just wanted to share some information what is going on in our Day Care Business today and ask you how are u doing as well?
My name is Marina our licensed Large Family Day Care business located in LA county CA.
First of all, YES we are open, we never closed, we are Essential business and legally can operate today in CA.
From total 12 kids we had always before COVID-19 now visiting only 4. Other 8 prefer to stay home. We made an announcement 3 weeks ago when "Safer at Home" order started in LA that our Day Care will keep on working and parents who bring their kids in Day Care pay regular Fee ($250 weekly) Other who prefer to stay at home pay 50% from regular fee = $125 weekly. We did not have any contract terms where situation like we have with COVID 19 was described. So we decided to go this way. All parents who stayed at home agreed and 3rd week in a raw keep paying 50% fees. And also we had an Employee - woman who is working more than year and she is temporary at home and we keep paying her 50% from her salary to support her in this period. We also always at home, purchasing grocery and supply online. (Toilet paper from ebay ))) All kids who keep visiting day care are healthy and fine. Hope all this Pandemic will ends soon and we continue our business on regular basis. We plan to return regular Day Care fees and made a new announcement as soon as Virus Spread will goes down based on numbers and statistic or when government will open all non essential businesses and we will try to restart our economic.

So this is what is going on in California in 2 words.
Please share your routine? Did you find a compromise with parents? Or may be you had a strict contract? Any information how you act during this hard period of time will be interesting to review!
Thank you.
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