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dolores 12:58 PM 07-12-2020
New York State licensing agency wants providers to complete this form daily: . I feel dyslexic looking at it. Anyone has a simpler form or can suggest how to simply this but still capture all information?
Cat Herder 11:12 AM 07-13-2020
If licensing sent it to providers, it may just be better to use theirs than hope the one you pick is good enough.

I'd just play the game as best you can right now. Everyone is on edge, no need to ruffle feathers unnecessarily.

My State is notorious for telling us a general end goal of what they want from us without giving us a clue as to how to accomplish it that meets their approval. At least your state is handing you the resources without charge. I printed yours, not a bad guideline. I will give it a go, too.
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