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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>20 Mo DCB Constantly In Everyone’s Personal Space
sahm2three 06:52 AM 02-14-2011
And I mean pretty much thinking he needs to be inches from everyones face. He sits right up against people on the floor, and loves it that it bothers people. I try to show him personal space. We have played the bubble game to show them how to respect personal space, but it didn't stick with him, or he likes it. Any ideas? Right now he is tormenting another little 2 yo dcb. The 2 yo is moving around the room to get away from him.

tenderhearts 07:31 AM 02-14-2011
Good luck, I would have LOVED an answer to this 4 years ago, so I'm anxious to see what others have to say. I had a dcb that did this exact same thing and it started when he was about 15 mo old, and he only did it to 2 particular dcb's in my care, I tried eveything I could think of and it continued and got worse up until he was 4 1/2 when he left. One of the particular boys he did it too HATED it so much which I can't say I blamed him but I'm curious to what others have to say, sorry no advice....
countrymom 09:57 AM 02-14-2011
hmmm, I have a mom who works with challenging kids. So she had the same problem, so what she did was use a hoola hoop. That gave him enough space but not to get in everyones face. I know they sell small hoops.
nannyde 10:08 AM 02-14-2011
There's a really simple fix to this.

When he is up in their taco salad remove him... lean over and place his bottom on the floor (sitting position) facing the OTHER direction and say "leave it" while you are moving him over.

Then turn around quick like so when he turns his head he only sees the back of you walking away.

Rinse and repeat...

when you say the words "leave it" say the word crisply like "lee Vitttttt"

If he persists make the spot you take him to further and further away from what he is doing that you don't like. If he barrels back to do it again then catch him midway and do the "leave it" and put him back to the spot. If he picks up something else and goes about playing he doesn't get a leave it. He will get it soon.

It's a good idea to have cue words in your vocab that gets them to stop dead in their tracks. It can be a saver when something dangerous is about to happen and you only have your voice between you and the kid... and not enough time to get to it to physically handle it.

Do not allow older talking kids to use the phrase you choose at ANY time. That is only for you to use. You don't want him to be bombarded with different versions of your cue words.
Unregistered 10:20 AM 02-14-2011
I have a couple kids who have a tendency to be "space invaders". If the child is all up in my kool-aid and I don't want them to be, I just ask them to get out of personal bubble. If they don't willingly do it after I ask nicely, then I get my stern voice and mean face and tell them to give me space. The other kids do the same thing. It seems to work.
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