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sharlan 06:59 PM 09-06-2012
My grandson had a lot of autistic tendencies as a small child. He's outgrown many of them, but still has some issues.

The main one is being touched by other people and personal space. He totally understands people not getting into his space and not touching his things. Cutting in line in front of him sets him off. He has started hitting at K over this.

We're not getting through to him that he cannot enter someone else's personal space or touch their things. We're really working on how two lines merge into one, like a zipper or fingers clasping.

Any suggestions on the personal space issue? How do you teach a child that just doesn't get that the whole world isn't his?

(He lives in a home with 5 adults and his 16 yo sister. So everything pretty much does revolve around him.)
itlw8 07:48 PM 09-06-2012
we all have a bubble some people have a big bubble and some have a small bubble. We need to ASK TO enter someones bubble.

My bubble is about arms length. how big is your bubble. hold up your hand and say stop. you are in my bubble.

If all those adults demonstrate and practice the bubble it will help... " may I give you a hug? " back up you are in my bubble" stop ask me if you can come in my bubble

get some hoola hoops and everyone stand in one or hold one. then practice your space.

I knew a man from scouts that drove me crazy. He always put his arm around you when he talked to you. Then another parent told me to put my arm out and touch his shoulder. he then stay out of my bubble yet was content by the touch.
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