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Daycare and Taxes>Claiming Groceries
DancingQueen 11:44 AM 10-26-2010
how does this work?
I don't have separate receipts for groceries - so how is it claimed?
DCMomOf3 11:53 AM 10-26-2010
For food I just use the standard deduction for meals. Cleaning supplies, etc. I do time/space. I save the reciept and mark the items to calculate.
DanceMom 11:55 AM 10-26-2010
My account gives me certain dollar amounts for each meal and that X how many meals I served is what I claim.
TomCopeland 08:30 AM 10-27-2010
The standard meal allowance rate for 2010 is $1.19 breakfast, $2.21 lunch/supper and $.66 snack. You can claim up to one breakfast, one lunch, one supper, and three snacks per day per child if you serve that many. If your accountant is using any other numbers per meal than these numbers, it's wrong.

The rate for 2011 is $1.19 breakfast, $2.22 lunch/supper and $.66 snack. One more cent for lunch, big deal!

If you use the standard meal allowance rate you do not need to save any food receipts. But do keep any receipt that has non-food items on it (paper towels, etc.) because they are deductible.
legomom922 09:27 AM 10-27-2010
So since I am not registred, and am not on the food program, can I also still claim those amounts for food without having reciepts?

Why are reciepts not needed for food?? Just curious..when there are sooo many things we need reciepts for!
DancingQueen 09:47 AM 10-27-2010
so i should go through all of my grocery receipts and highlight the household items (such as papertowels) and claim those as time/space?
legomom922 10:02 AM 10-27-2010
yes! and make copies of all your reciepts as they tend to fade and you need to keep them for 3 yrs.
DancingQueen 10:22 AM 10-27-2010
do i claim the tax? or just the straight value of the item?
legomom922 10:29 AM 10-27-2010
claim the tax too!
DancingQueen 10:31 AM 10-27-2010
thanks for your help - sorry if these seem like silly questions. So much I hadn't thought of.

Like - is it true that I can claim my tic spray? We have someone that comes out and sprays our property 3-4 times per year to keep the tics (and lyme disease) away. I never realized I could claim that.

And now to figure out this whole mortgage thing. - Can anyone point me in the right direction for that?
DCMomOf3 10:42 AM 10-27-2010
For food you can just claim the standard deductions if you are not on the food program and not licensed, yes. That is a standard rate set for base cost of meals. You can EITHER do the reciepts OR the standard deductions.

Yes, keep reciepts of all non-edible purchases for time/space.
legomom922 11:06 AM 10-27-2010
yes you can write off tic spray and lawn care. why I dont understand, but all I know is that we can. LOL

I do not understand how to depreciate home mortgage either...Still working on that one myself! Are you using MMK?
DancingQueen 11:35 AM 10-27-2010
yes I am using MMK
legomom922 01:44 PM 10-27-2010
cool!! I am sooo far behind on mine...
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