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Heidi 09:12 AM 12-20-2011
I know some of you use Montessori techniques in your dc's.

I have a practical life question..

I had some buttons to sew on a sweater today, so I got my 3yo dc girl involved. I had her hold things, and cut the thread, but it made me think that she might be interested in trying some sewing herself, and so would the older kids.

How do you make that available? DO you use real needles and thread (for an often sneaky 3yo and toddlers here as well). Is there a more young-child friendly alternative? Or do you just bring out that sort of activity when you can closely supervise?

I have lacing cards, but they are not very popular here. The toddlers just toss them around, and the older children find them boring.
Meyou 09:27 AM 12-20-2011
Try plastic needlepoint canvas, yarn and a plastic yarn needle. You can "sew" the pieces together.
godiva83 09:36 AM 12-20-2011
I would not leave any needles unsupervised
With that young of an age group! I can just see all the accidents that could cause- a missing needle in the carpet turning up in someone's foot ect.

I would implement sewing as a small group activity where you can sit, watch, explain and offer support where needed. Or stick with large plastic darning needles, yarn and felt
melskids 09:48 AM 12-20-2011
I have plastic needles with blunt tips, and we usually use yarn and sew through pieces of burlap (the holes are nice and big)

They have to sit at the art table to use them, and I closely monitor them and make sure it all gets put away.

My SA use real needle and thread, but again, its at the table, and closely monitored.
Sugar Magnolia 10:52 AM 12-20-2011
When I was about 4-6, I wanted to sew w my mom, but she bought me one of those potholder weaver things, with the nylon loops. I LOVED it. I was about 6 when I started cross-stitch. At about 8, I switched over to skateboarding. LOL!
Heidi 12:47 PM 12-20-2011
tthanks for the idea. I will check out the craft section at Walmart next time I'm there. I totally forgot plastic needles exsisted. I think it will be a nice start!

side note: I had NO intention of leaving needles or pins with reach of children. I have been told that some Montessori programs do use real materials, but I think that is an older crowd!
frgsonmysox 07:55 AM 12-22-2011
I bought a bunch of "Sewing for kids" books on amazon. There are some great activities in there for littles
meganlavonnesmommy 08:23 AM 12-22-2011
Our local Michaels has plastic needles, they are great.

Try using shapes cut out of brown paper grocery sacks, or pieces of felt. Pre-punch the holes in the paper or fabric, and let them "sew" with pieces of yarn. Stuff the felt or paper with paper towel or tissue.
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