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DaniManley 12:16 PM 07-05-2012
I am trying to find a daycare who is currently using the Canvas Daycare App. Does anyone know a daycare using this app?
Michael 01:37 PM 07-05-2012
Welcome to the Forum! I've upgraded your status. You can post freely now.
Fruitloops1 02:33 PM 07-05-2012
I have never heard of it! I just tried looking for it in the app store on my Iphone, but no luck. What is it?
Crazy8 08:36 PM 07-05-2012
I didn't search the app store but found this about it by doing a google search....

I'm going to speculate that OP works for/with this company since this app was only launched 2 months ago but thats just my pessimistic nature when someone joins a board with a post like this.
dani wegert 11:56 AM 07-06-2012
I actually am writing a news article about the app and I need to talk with someone using it. It is a paperless app that puts all documents for the daycare in a cloud for parents/administrators to access at any time.
sfp 01:25 PM 07-06-2012
I think it looks neat, but too expensive...
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