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lala27 08:05 PM 10-26-2010

I am currently in the process of getting a DCFS license in IL. I sent in medical/background check and blue print of the house. Called the rep couple times to schedule a first visit, but now it looks like he wont come in until he gets the:
1. contract including due diligence and requirements and expectations for parents
2. hazard protection plan
3. emergency fire evacuation plan
4. tornado drill plan

I thought these only needed to be shown at time of first visit. Maybe something changed.

Anyway, my question/request was for anyone who is already licensed in IL, could you please share an example of what an emergency/tornado/hazard plan looks like? I have no idea how extensive it needs to be but afraid this process will get stuck until the Rep gets what he wants, which I donít even know what exactly he is looking for.

Someone told me a while back IL used to provide with like a sample daycare packet.. but not anymore.

Please help

Michael 04:07 AM 10-27-2010
Welcome to the Forum Julia. Here is another post relating to a Hazard Plan.
lala27 07:17 AM 10-27-2010
Thanks Michael. I read that post. But i wanted to see somthing that was approved in IL.

sahm1225 08:53 PM 10-27-2010
hi - where in IL are you? I am in the process with licensing too.

I didnt get a sample packet either. Here is what I did:

hazard plan - explained that I live in a quiet residential street, talked about the potential hazards in the home (cleaning supplies in cabinets) and what I have done to make it child safe (added locks), mentioned my pets are all innoculated for rabies.

emergency fire plan - Google home childcare fire plans and you will get lots of ideas. I just went through those and made a bullet point of what I would do

tornado - same as the fire plan except that in this case we would meet in the 'safe room' (basement bedroom)

good luck!
sahm1225 08:53 PM 10-27-2010
will email you my forms tomorrow - thanks!
lala27 06:51 AM 10-28-2010
Thanks for the info. I am in the northern suburbs of Chicago. Did the forms you provided get approved?

krush 11:31 AM 07-26-2011
Originally Posted by sahm1225:
will email you my forms tomorrow - thanks!
Hi Sahm1225,

Can you send me a copy of your hazardous protection plan? I'm having problems trying to develop what the DCFS rep is looking for. Me email is

Thank you!!
Unregistered 08:51 AM 08-17-2011
Can you also send me a copy of the forms submitted for licensing? I am hoping to get licensed and I live on the north side of Chicago. Please send to Thanks!
Kim's Kids 07:08 PM 10-25-2011
Hello I am located in Connecticut and I was wondering if anyone had a sample emergency plan that was approved by DPH. Thanks in advance.
Sprouts 07:37 PM 10-25-2011
all the forms you can use, contract. Not for illinois in particular though.
Unregistered 11:10 AM 11-20-2012
I am in this same process, and wondering did the forms work for the harzard plans
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