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Unregistered 02:59 PM 08-29-2018
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I currently have 2 infants in my care. They are a hand full and have taught me that I no longer want to take infants. The problem is I have a 3 year old who's mom is due in October and a 2 year old who's mom is due in april. I do not want to take on the new babies. How do I tell the 2 families that I love their children but don't want to take on the new ones? I only want kids ages 1 to 5. Preferably 2 to 5. I feel so bad. The one family I have had for 7 years and had 3 of their children already. What would you say/do?
Cat Herder 03:07 PM 08-29-2018
Are you financially prepared to lose the older siblings?
Unregistered 03:20 PM 08-29-2018
Yes. I would hate to lose them but I'm financially able to make it if I do lose them.
Cat Herder 03:27 PM 08-29-2018
In that case I would change the "ages served" on my State website, local daycare page, and any advertisement sites I subscribed to (, sittercity, etc.).

Then I'd send home a letter stating that as of September 1st, 2018 I would no longer provide care for children under ___ age in order to focus on ____.

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Pandaluver21 04:48 PM 08-29-2018
If you can afford to loose them, could you afford to hire a helper for the infants?
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