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springv 02:37 PM 01-29-2019
Got on FB this afternoon and saw where another daycare had announced that they were closing today because of the threat of potential weather here in Alabama and then later i saw another post apologizing for inconveniencing people with their work schedules but they take the safety of kids first and foremost and that they are going to have a meeting about potentially changing their policies regarding this and future situations. I don't know if they are licensed or not but I do know that a few of our kids have left our center to attend there. We even had a parent say they weren't putting their kid there because of the ratios.
sahm1225 09:07 PM 01-29-2019
Im sorry but Im not getting what your vent is? They announced they were closing and then apologized. Where’s the problem?
LysesKids 02:39 PM 01-30-2019
A lot of schools & daycares closed here for a few days this week due to weather & I'm in TN. GA did the same; I know it's because of what happened last time GA didn't heed weather warning... people & busses were stuck for hours going nowhere on hwys and roads because of snow & ice and they weren't chancing it again.

I always apologize when I closed for weather (state of emergancy, no power/water etc) because it is an inconvenience, but safety is an issue... what if I had an emergency here with a child, maybe the rescue squad or firetruck couldn't get here in a timely matter because of road conditions. You have to understand that the weather conditions these past few weeks are abnormal - especially this polar crap - the provider did what she felt was right
springv 04:35 PM 01-30-2019
When I first read the post yesterday on FB I thought ok, so if one daycare changes their policies, are we going to have to change ours to? We've already changed our weather policy because of confusion and hassle and we started going by the school system which is much better and more predictable for us and the parents.
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