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Sandbox 10:54 AM 11-22-2011
Hi All, we have two questions for the group around billing.

1. Do you find that most parents ask for a bill every month/two weeks etc.?

2. Do parents ever want you to email them a statement or receipt of payment?

Thanks for the insight.

Happy Tuesday
DaycareMama 11:09 AM 11-22-2011
All my parents only want a reciept if paying cash then a year end statement prior to tax time.
snbauser 11:24 AM 11-22-2011
I do not bill. Rate is the same every week, due date is the same every week. No reason for me to have to tell a parent how much or when. Of the 11 families I have I only have 2 that I create receipts for. 1 pays in cash and never pays a full weeks amount but instead will hand me like $400 or $500 in cash. I apply it out over the next XX weeks and then print a receipt that shows how much and when she owes again. The other parent pays once a month. I generate a receipt and email it to her so she can submit it for her FSA reimbursment. Everyone gets a W-10 at the end of the year.
newtodaycare22 11:35 AM 11-22-2011
I email receipts weekly and most say they dont' even open the email, but they like to know they paid (some pay biweekly and want to stay on track).

I also provide end of the year total for htem.
Zoe 11:37 AM 11-22-2011
I have a cute receipt that I give all parents. They didn't ask for them, but I give them out anyway for them to have. So I know that I gave them confirmation of the payment. Then they get a yearly statement for tax purposes. I don't bill them because come on, it's Monday, it's pay day. Never changes!
daycare 11:38 AM 11-22-2011
This is what I tell my parents,

Create a folder in your email inbox and label it Daycare Receipts. Make sure you fix your settings so that all of the emails I send regarding receipts go straight there.

I send out an invoice on the 5th of each month and then Receipt at the end of each month when the account has been paid in full.

I only do billing twice per month.
Cat Herder 11:47 AM 11-22-2011
1. Do you find that most parents ask for a bill every month/two weeks etc.?

It varies. Having the ability to print it or email it on a moments notice is very important to me.

Typically when a client asks, they expect it NOW. Usually it is for child support/divorce issues... so it is rarely a pleasant experience (in my private living room). Being able to just walk across the room and hit print is a great help.

I like to set up invoice statements in advance and log in cash payments as they are handed to me (mine are currently set up through 2013). THAT gives me the ability to print their entire account at the drop of a hat.

2. Do parents ever want you to email them a statement or receipt of payment?

Often. Most inevitably lose all "hard copy" forms I hand them. This is possibly due to knowing I CAN and will email it to them to save to file with no effort.
Sandbox 04:37 PM 11-22-2011
This is helpful. It sounds like being able to quickly email receipts/statements to all or some parents would be a "no brainer" time saver. We were debating when to add this feature to Sandbox today.

Thanks for the insight
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