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paasche 10:06 AM 11-07-2012
I just opened my daycare in October (so I'm new to this) and currently have 2 kids enrolled. I have a little boy that comes in smelling like cigarette smoke daily and I don't know how to approach the issue with his mom. The smell is all in his hair even. Simply changing his clothes when he arrives has not been able to fix the problem and as a non smoker, it's starting to give me horrible headaches and allergy-like symptoms.

I have another little one starting tomorrow, but he's 5 months old, and I worry this smell may also be too strong and bothersome to an infant.

Please help... how would you handle this?
countrymom 10:22 AM 11-07-2012
are they smoking in the car, we have a rule in ontario that you can't smoke with your kids in your car. Maybe febreeze his clothes. I don't know, but that would drive me crazy.
littlemissmuffet 10:59 AM 11-07-2012
Gross. These parents probably smoke in the house or car while he's there.

Even if they only smoke in the house/car while he's not in them, the house/car will have that stink on it and so will everything in them. Cigarette smoke is sticky and nearly impossible to get rid of.

I have a kiddo whose parents smoke in the house/car when he's not in them and he just stinks. I used to smoke and it bothers even me!! I always remind them to give a bath or ask "Hey is tonight bath night? Johnny's pretty stinky today!"

If he still comes stinky I will strip him down, wash him with a warm soapy cloth, rinse his hair with some shampoo in the kitchen sink, put his spare clothes on for the day and off he goes, sparkling clean - and feeling like a king He always feels good after a quick cat bath here.

If you're not willing to talk to them mom about the issue, or wash the child yourself you might have to terminate.
Willow 02:24 PM 11-07-2012
Dear Parent,

I've noticed your kiddo has been coming with the smell on his clothes and in his hair and unfortunately it's causing a bit of a problem. I have an infant starting tomorrow. I'm not sure if you're aware but even being around the smell on someone else's clothing (called third hand exposure) can increase the infants risk of SIDS so I cannot have it in my home or around the other kids in my care (I myself have an allergy to it and it's beginning to effect my health).

While I'm sure you wouldn't smoke around your child, I'm not sure where it's coming from and I'm hoping we can work together to resolve this. Please either respond to this email or let me know when a good time to talk might be.

For more information on third hand exposure here is more information:

Thank you!

Blackcat31 02:45 PM 11-07-2012
Here are a couple other threads dealing with the same issue.
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