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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Is there anyone who OWNS A CENTER?
AccidentalDiva 07:42 PM 03-25-2015
My state requires me to have my building lease and zone approval before applying for my license but what I'm not understanding is why would I spend $$ on property I'm not gauranteed approval for? It takes a while for the whole process to be completed, if I lease property for my building and make the required changes necessary to become approved ..I have to continue to pay rent for the building EVEN while I'm not in business, correct?
Thriftylady 07:44 PM 03-25-2015
I see where you are coming from, but in my licensed home daycares, the HOME was considered licensed. My family and I just had to have background checks and such. So they are wanting to license the property and you as part of it. I understand what you are saying about the expense, but I am not sure you have a way around it.
Sugar Magnolia 03:48 AM 03-26-2015
I do. This was also true in my state. I bought the property, and had to pay a mortgage for 14 months waiting on zoning approval.
snbauser 04:00 AM 03-26-2015
Yes, unfortunately there is a lot of cost before you can open. Part of the licensing process is to make sure the building is safe and meets all their requirements. They can't do that if you don't have a building ready to go for them to see.
renea 01:51 PM 03-26-2015
I bought a building that was zoned commercial and had a separate area for living. I applied for an in home license to get started. Than got the building ready to meet center requirements. It can take a while to do that so having an income is important. Plus you have kids already enrolled for opening the c enter.

Think outside the box. Im located in a small town. Bought a small church built in 1902. We just purchased the parsonage located next door to my center. Now i dont live in the same building as the center.

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