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adnilwis 02:27 PM 01-08-2019
So after 4 years of doing inhome daycare and 10 years of working at a daycare center I have decided to move on to a different career path. I accepted a job and I start that on February 11th. I am going on vacation starting next Thursday and all of the following week. My plan was to tell my daycare families next Wednesday before I leave for vacation.

A few questions:
1. What is the best way to do this? A letter, word of mouth, call or text?
2. Is this enough time to let them know or too much time? My husband thinks I should do it while on vacation and just call or text them but I dont think that's enough time for them to find care.
3. Best way to get rid of all of my daycare items?
boy_mom 05:39 PM 01-08-2019
1. Hand parents a letter with closing details while telling them that you've decided to close. This way if they get off track with questions, all the important details (last day, final payments. etc) are in the letter.

2. Do it before vacation so it's not hanging over your head and you can totally relax!

3. Do you have a local daycare network to sell or give away to? Also Facebook yard sale groups or the let go app are quick and easy.

Best of luck!!
Josiegirl 02:01 AM 01-09-2019
I agree with Boymom, especially about letting them know before your vacation. Yes, you might lose some dcfs early but it also gives them plenty of time to look for another provider.
As far as another option for getting rid of your dc things, what about having a huge yard sale and specifically advertise to ECE, parents, grandparents, etc. This is what I plan on doing, maybe even offering a discount to dcproviders. I belonged to a dc network for quite a few years and every once in awhile, we'd all receive an e-mail telling us so-n-so was closing and if we were interested in any items to contact them.
Good luck with your new job!!
Cat Herder 06:07 AM 01-09-2019
I answered on your other thread.
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