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WeeSprouts 04:57 PM 04-28-2019
I'm in Kansas and I've been told that I have to have emergency numbers posted but I can't seem to find what numbers/agencies I need to include in my list. Any other KS providers who can help a girl out here?
Michael 10:51 PM 04-28-2019
Welcome to the forum.

Here are your state licensing requirements:

Here are some forms and information regarding Kansas Emergency Preparedness Plan:

Disaster Checklist for Care Providers
LITTLESTARS 05:01 AM 05-02-2019
I had the same request for my change of address when we moved into our new home

I included the local police department direct line as well as the normal 911

the local fire department engine number

the nearest local hospital number

the nearest EMS services direct line

the poison control center

my emergency contact person that's 10 to 15 minutes away

that's what my start licensor requested from me and yesterday was my unannounced visit and she approved them just fine
satcook 08:56 AM 05-15-2019
Just saw this.

I'm in Kansas. We have the nearest hospital, poison control, 911, etc. They don't specify exactly what has to be on there.

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