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Core12 05:06 AM 01-04-2020
I need to get some recommendations for door alarms? Also and security cameras that record.
Michael 12:10 PM 01-04-2020 would be a good choice. Here is another thread on door alarms:
284878 09:08 PM 01-04-2020
I like my ring. My first recording was of DCd telling dcg that she was going to be alright even though she was sick.
I watched after I had sent her home. They didn't even ring the bell, it started recording as soon as they got to the steps. It even caught part of our conversation of him trying to convince me to keep her.
Plus if anyone rings it, only my phone rings.

Amazon/ring has been having really good sales on them. Mine came with a free Alexa, just in time for my birthday.

There are some other threads to on alarms. Try searching driveway alarm.

I have a simple one from harbour freight for $10 that I use to use at my door, it would ding if anyone broke the beam. I would know as soon as a parent hit the steps. (Now ring tells me)
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