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sharlan 11:22 AM 10-31-2011
My dh has decided that he wants to take the CPR and preventative health and safety classes.

I called our local CCLD and they don't have a list of classes or any suggestions other than ARC. I'm not too sure about that because that's where I got the info the last several times I've taken the classes.

I have left "7" messages with our local CCR&R to find local classes over the past 2 weeks.

Our local ARC doesn't have any classes currently scheduled.

I'm finding lots of classes in San Diego County.
CaliMom 11:32 AM 10-31-2011
Try That is who I go through, they have a lot of classes available locally.
MarinaVanessa 11:43 AM 10-31-2011
You don't have an American Heart Association or an American Red Cross in your area? They typically hold classes that are speciffically catered to family child care in CA and are usually about once, sometimes twice a month.
sharlan 12:16 PM 10-31-2011
Neither the San Bernardino or Riverside ARC have a classes scheduled right now.
MyAngels 12:26 PM 10-31-2011
I don't know about the health and safety part, but I took CPR/AED/First Aid online with the AHA and then did the challenge part one on one with a local person at our hospital here.
sharlan 12:30 PM 10-31-2011
CA doesn't allow online classes.

I called the heartsaver, I didn't want to go through them again, because that's where I took my classes and I wasn't impressed with the instructor. I found other classes with different instructors, so we'll go with them.
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