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sahm2three 12:13 PM 02-02-2012
So the wackadoo that I terminated is now going around telling everyone that I called her new provider (I have NO idea who she/he is!) and bad mouthed her! I have had no contact with the mom or anyone associated with her! So I suppose now she will be calling my licensor to tell her lies to her. THIS is why providers hesitate in terminating clients! Hostage! UGH!
Heidi 12:21 PM 02-02-2012
just let it rooolllll of your back, baby!

No one will believe her anyway. She probably talks behind everyones back to everyone else, and everyone knows it by now!
Mary Poppins 12:23 PM 02-02-2012
Here's what my dh tells me about the loon next door who starts crap with everyone:

"Anyone who believes a word that woman says isn't worth worrying about anyway."

Of course, he's right.
Blackcat31 12:32 PM 02-02-2012
"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.

Anyone who listens to her are of no concern to you. Those who truly know you won't listen.
cheerfuldom 03:58 PM 02-02-2012
shes clearly scaring off new providers with the crazy vibe...probably telling her story to them and thats always a red flag on interviews. dont worry about. everything will blow over. just keep communicating with your licensor and documenting everything and leave it at that.
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