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New Members - Welcome to the Forum!>From Wanting To Be A Teacher To Now My Own Daycare
Unregistered 06:31 AM 02-28-2012
Hi all,
Im jennifer from queens ny I need all the support I can get! However,I been pursuing a degree in education and decided to open my own daycare in my home. I been pondering all the pros and cons. And decided I want to be my own boss doing what I love! But of course I have cold feet because of fear of my financial security being jepordized. I have great experience as a mom amd as an educator my husband is behind me on the plan. I plan on finishing my degree and getting certified as a teacher and begin and set it up similar to how a prek and k classes are run..BUT with out administration telling me what to teach and do! long term goal is to open a center..anyone knows what i need to do that? Anyhoo, I hope to learn from the experts in the
field..but i mainly seek adivce on how to stay financially secure in the field..
Blackcat31 06:39 AM 02-28-2012

Sounds like you have a pretty clear idea of what it is you want to do....which is great! Unfortunately, I can't give you much advice on financial security in this field as it is highly dependent on your area and it's individual needs.

Child care follows the highs and lows of any economy and there are both good times financially and just as many low financial times too. Rates and policies are also something that are unique to your area just as the needs of the families seeking care is as well.

Maybe someone in your state will have more advice to offer.
bunnyslippers 12:17 PM 02-28-2012
It does depend on where you are, how in demand child care is, and how good you are as a provider. You can absolutely make a good living providing child care.

I would definitely finish your degree and get your teaching license. It will be an excellent marketing tool to advertise as a certified teacher and mother. I hold a Master's degree in Education, and I charge a bit more than other providers in my area. The clients I have like the fact that I have a degree in a child related field.

Also consider all of the logisitics around doing this in your home. I have my child care in my home, but in my basement separate from my family living space. Lots of providers are fine with having child care in their homes - I can't handle the mess or the intrusion on my family space. I never mix the two areas.

When you are figuring out if you can financially swing this decision, remember to think about things like retirement and wear and tear on your home. Start up costs can also run high, depending on how complete you want your space to be.

Make sure to come up with a contract and handbook with clear rules and regulations. Make sure you cover parents paying you on days when they are not in care (child is sick, holidays, family vacations). If you don't cover things like that, you can run into financial issues.

Good luck!
Countrygal 12:30 PM 02-28-2012
Welcome to the forum! And wishing you all the best with your venture!
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