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kcnjason 01:07 PM 05-11-2011
Spring has finally fully sprung! (Fingers crossed) The kids are dying to play in the outdoor pool but they do not understand that it truly is not warm enough for the pool yet. What are some ideas of fun activities you do with your dck outdoors?
sharlan 01:20 PM 05-11-2011
I know what you mean. Our pool water got up to 74*, but it's back down to 64*. That's just too cold for me. The kids just don't understand.
daycare 01:37 PM 05-11-2011
we threw paint much fun....
we took old socks and placed one inside the red, blue and yellow paint. We dipped the socks in the paint and then set up long pieces of butcher paper to throw it on. When the colors splat on each other the colors changed....
At the end when the kids got tired of throwing the paint socks, I got a glass jar and we learned how to mix colors.
I had the kids squeez the red and blue to make purple and so on..

we had way too much fun with it. It was not even a big mess I was suprised

we also spend endless hours in the sandbox as well as play sports. I used to coach youth sports so I have tons of sporting equipment.

Sidewalk chalk is huge hear as well as bubbles....

do you have a water table? my kids will spend hours dumping from bucket to bucket or cup to cup.... I put painting aprons on them so they dont get soaked
ammama 03:19 PM 05-11-2011
Bubbles. That is, hands down, everyone's favorite activity And, the sandbox with the hose turned on it, and making mud pies. We go to the local parks a lot, or even just on walks around the neighbourhood.
snowborden1 04:41 PM 05-11-2011
Chalk paint You can find recipes for this online. I make a few colors, give each kid a paint brush and let them paint all the concrete and fence til their hearts content!
Symphony 05:36 PM 05-11-2011
Ugh. It's been snowing all day here! Last week we had a couple nicer days though. My kids love the sandbox and I have a few climbers/slides, and a playhouse. We also have a couple sensory tables filled with outdoor friendly stuff (so I don't have to sweep ) One has potting soil and the other has birdseed. Sometimes I give them paintbrushes and buckets of water and let them paint the house and the play structures with the water.

We also live on a ranch so the kids like to visit the animals when they are nearby. The horses are only 1/2 an acre from the back door, chickens are even closer, and right now we have a few bum lambs we are bottle feeding that follow the kids all over. It's really cute.
jojosmommy 07:58 PM 05-11-2011
My kids:

run wild behind trucks, tractors, large and small cars etc.
love chalk and bubbles.
Make obstacle courses with hula hoops, jump ropes etc.
take a walk everyday!
golf and play baseball- in no organized manner mind you.
go to the park weekly.
love to "paint our deck" with water and large junky paint brushes
wash our ride on toys "car wash style"
play in the neighbor daycares back yard and vice versa (change of scenery and new kids to play with I guess.)
MamaBear 08:02 PM 05-11-2011
Blowing bubbles
Playing in the sandbox with trucks, dinosaurs, etc
Sidewalk chalk
Finding bugs
Planting flowers
Playing with moonsand (what a mess!)
Playing with the water table...
MG&Lsmom 11:00 AM 05-12-2011
My 2.5yo boys have been "fixing" all the cars and bikes with my DH's tools. I gave them socket screwdrivers and sized wrenches they can't hurt. When they start using them as hammers or for weapons they disappear. They spent an hour today playing with them. Another hour at the sand table too. We were out all morning.
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