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jen2651 11:13 AM 08-29-2011
Ok, I'm sure there are a million posts about this, but I am having a hard time finding them so I am asking for help...

I haven't done b or a school care yet and was working on setting my prices. I have a teacher that is extremely interested in sending her son (and in 2 years a total of 3) here after school. He would get off the bus here and she would pick him up approximately one hour after he gets here.

I thought I had worked out prices, but everyone in town seems to charge by the in theory I would be MUCH more than them (basically, she would be paying for 3 hours of their prices here). So, I am thinking I am charging too much...BUT, on the other hand, if I had a kid get off the bus here who was here until close, the price I quoted would be pretty good...

So, my question is - I seem to be 'punishing' the family that would be picking up early?! But that doesn't really seem fair? They would be needing two mornings a week as well, but I initially was looking at that as just a quick 'tack on' to the total bill and having the afterschool portion be the majority of the cost as 1. it interrupts my preschool age kids and 2. I had advertised homework help (ok, its a 1st grader, but in time it will be harder). The mornings aren't such a big deal...I am already up and have to feed the kids breakfast anyway...the most difficult thing would be getting them ready in the winter to get on the bus...that is why I was looking at the afternoon part being the more expensive cost for them.

Anyone have any advice? I had originally thought, $13/day which is $65 per week...then, if there were any full days, they could add on $15 for the day or just pay a flat rate of $75 for the whole year and that would take care of all holidays, school off days, 2 hour lates etc. But, since this is a teacher, the only days she would be needing would be 3 teacher inservice days so I guess I am stuck! Anyone have any ideas? Am I way out of line?!

Or, if some of you are better at searching, I'm more than willing to read all you can find me!!
Michael 11:37 AM 08-29-2011
I placed some tags at the bottom. Here are some after school rate threads:
familyschoolcare 04:31 PM 08-29-2011
I charge by the week a flat rate for before and after school on my rate sheet I just call in school days, then a different higher rate for spring break, winter break and presidents week (this rate is the same as summer time). this rate includes all teacher in service days and holidays that I am open except the above mentioned weeks. When a parent ask about before school only I quote them 30% of the school day rate, and tell them that I can not grantee that I will have room for them on school holidays but they will be first inline, should full time child not need care then. So far nobody has taken me up on this, most likely because it is nearly twice the price of the district on site care and they will guarantee placement on school holidays for an additional price.

One thing to consider is that even though the child is only there 1 hour could you it is not like you can fill that spot with another child for the other 2 hours.
momma2girls 06:35 AM 08-30-2011
just make sure that you make it worthwhile for you. Schoolagers as many of us know can be TOUGH!!!
I have had my share of them!!
I have increased my rates, to make it worthwhile for me-
blessedmess8 11:45 AM 08-30-2011
o you have ratio limits! if so, say: "a spot is a spot." and, my mom being a teacher, can tell you that odds are it wont always just be an hour after he gets there! would just set a flat rate. yes, it's more, but it's more quality than a before/after school program at a school!
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