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E Daycare 12:31 PM 03-03-2011
I'm thinking of placing a ad for drop in care for those who need it Tuesdays and Thursdays only. I only have two kids those days so I won't be out of ratio (class B non licensed home) and like to maybe pickup some extra income those days. Now I have two dck that are here 3 and 4 days and they follow my fulltime contract and rates. For those who do drop in care do you have parents sign a contract? If so is it just like your regular clients or is it modified for specifics on drop in care? I'm going to go ahead and outline a drop in contract as to state my rules and policies such as calling 12hrs before care is needed and the rate for the care. I'm also going to have an increased rate for drop in care (a rate of just a extra $5.00 for a total of $40.00 for the day). I'm also going to head most of my current contract with my hours of operation and make sure they know I won't go over ratio and will stick to my guns.

I'd like some extra income, don't care if it's weekly really so I don't mind be a once and awhile sitter but I'm not one for gettig taken advantage of. Any suggestions on what you guys have that do drop in care would be nice. Thanks!
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