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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>ANNOYED!!! (Rant!)
AmandasFCC 02:41 PM 10-14-2009
I have a little boy with special needs in my daycare. He comes Mondays and Wednesdays with a support worker. The social workers involved with his family have been working on getting him funding for Fridays as well since August. (Yes, I've been holding a Friday space for him because he DESPERATELY needs it, and he's showing dramatic improvements in coming!) Yesterday the call finally came that the funding came through and he's able to start right away! Great!

I told his father this when they arrived this morning and Dad was like, "Oh that's great". I had some little details to iron out but I told him we'd most likely start this week, if that was ok with him, and that we'd let him know by the end of the day. He said that was fine. Basically I just had to call Subsidy and ensure that I was, in fact, going to get paid for this, since I've had problems with his funding in the past ( a whole other issue )...

So Dad comes to pick him up this afternoon, we tell him we'd like to get started on Fridays this week, and what does Dad say? "Oh, Fridays is when his mother actually shows up for visitation." WHAT?! Why is this the first ANY of us has heard about this?!!!

I'm so irate right now. UGH! COMMUNICATE PLEASE!!!!
Former Teacher 03:43 PM 10-14-2009
Grrr don't you love it?! That was one of my biggest gripes was that of lack of communication! Here you are holding a spot, I hope he was at least paid some holding fee!

May I ask what state funding you are using? My former center had what was called CCDS. We had it for years until it got to be to much of a headache. This is what we had to deal with:

To much paperwork

The program always paid us 2 months behind

They never matched our rates, we were always paid much less

On the days we were closed, we weren't paid for unless it was a federal
holiday-IE: bad weather days/the day after Thanksgiving were not paid.

During the summer, we were not (but we did anyway) allowed to charge
parents for field trips. We also were not allow to charge a parent ANY
late fees ie: pick up, payment etc.

The list goes on and on. It just wasn't worth the hassle.
AmandasFCC 07:10 PM 10-14-2009
Ouch that sounds like a nightmare. I'm in BC, Canada. The subsidy is actually not too unreasonable, but the problem with him has been his social worker's incompetence. They requested the wrong amount of subsidy, therefore I got paid less than half what I was owed for his first 2 months. They're still trying to work that out. Since then it's been ok, until now of course ....
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