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mrsp'slilpeeps 08:34 PM 12-06-2011
So I have decided to raise my daily fee to $35 a day/per child and will take no less than $10 and hour. or should I do $15 an hour/per child?

I am planning on doing this on the 1st of February to give everyone a break from the hoildays.

I just feel I need to do this, to bump up my income without losing my families, but wont be too much of a increase to their payments.

Is it too impersonal through a letter or should I talk to the parents directly?

Everything is increasing ie: food, gas, power, ect and I cant pay these when I get paid peanuts.

Could you all please help me word this letter properly?

Thanks in advance.
Unregistered 07:38 AM 12-07-2011
I would just say somehting along the lines of

"Dear parents

There will be a rate increase beginning on Feb. 1, 2012 to compensate for the cost of living increase. Your new rate will be ________. Thank you, Provider."

Short and simple. No need to have to explain any personal reasons why and most parents should expect an increase every so often.
wahmof3 01:52 PM 12-07-2011
I recently raised my rates, effective jan 2012. I included a professional cover letter and kept it short & sweet. I kept any emotion and reasons for the increase out of the letter. Maybe Im wrong for that, but I wanted to sound professional & confident, not desperate. I also included the dates the new contracts needed to be returned.

Good Luck!
sharlan 02:02 PM 12-07-2011
$15 an hour is pretty pricey. The going rate in my area for hourly is $4 - $5 an hour.

I would put everything in a letter, but don't add the reasons.
Michael 04:11 PM 12-07-2011
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