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SilverSabre25 01:26 PM 01-18-2012
I had a reading corner for was more or less an unmitigated disaster. All they wanted to do was haul 100's of other toys over there, take the pillows elsewhere, jump around, and be anything but quiet and reflective. I tried for months to correct and redirect this behavior, to no avail. So I took it away.

Now we have no quiet/cozy space and I'm wondering what to do...that's a "requirement" of "good set-ups" (I'm reading my state's early childhood learning guidelines though I am not licensed) and I know it's important emotionally, but how the heck do I manage it?! I need help figuring out how to allow for these "alone" sorts of spaces! They seem to have zero desire to actually ever *be* quiet or alone...preferring instead to wander around around as an amorphous blob of chaos and entropy.

I'm joking about the entropy.

Cat Herder 01:43 PM 01-18-2012
Mine is gated, so they have to ask me to let them in and out.

It was the only workable solution for me.

Again, my OLDEST is 3.
Sunchimes 01:45 PM 01-18-2012
I have 2 quiet corners, that are very popular with my 16-17 month olds. One is a cardboard box. I have it wedged on it's side (flaps open like doors) between a pnp and a table so that they can't drag it out and destroy it. When things get chaotic or they feel the need, they can crawl in there and just sit. The flaps semi close so that it feels private. It is used almost every day. The other is a cedar box about 3 ' x 5' that I bought for a toy box. It takes up too much floor space, so I turned it up on the side and put it behind the rocking chair. It is sort of private but I can still see them. They like to take their dolls in there and just sit.
Meyou 02:06 PM 01-18-2012
My reading nook is gated off as well. I lift them over it either by choice or because I feel they need some time alone.
daycare 02:10 PM 01-18-2012
the kids were destroying my books and so I put all of them away but the board books. I have out only ones that relate to our lessons. I give them the books at the table during transition times. mostly when I am prepping lunch, this way I have them sit at the table and either read, look, or sing books. They also sometimes get to color on the color books. This is the best way for me so that I can see all of them and know what they are doing....
Heidi 02:10 PM 01-18-2012
I've had the same problems with mine. I wish they would have used it like Sunshimes describes. That is, after all, the intention.

I have a 3 yo that pretty much must be in sight AND sound at all times. Giving her privacy is giving her license to do all sorts of nasty things (yes, the old post about poop girl, if you doubt

Any soft, comfy surface around here is used for one thing only....wrestling! Even if only one person fits in a cubby or spot, that one person will crawl in, and then the mayhem shall commence as another tries to either get in too, or yank #1 out.

Maybe later...
Blackcat31 02:15 PM 01-18-2012
Could you try something like this with maybe some sheers over it so it is "private". Maybe put a basket of books in there too.

I would also try maybe pop-up style tent. My littles really love the tent and spend hours in there. We don't allow any toys in it and you are not allowed to stand in it either.
Sunchimes 02:25 PM 01-18-2012
Bbo, it works well for me now, but mine are still babies, and they are all girls. I have a newborn boy coming in a few weeks. Once he's moving, the dynamics may change! Or it may fall apart when my girls get older. For now, I'm enjoying it!
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