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Country Kids 02:25 PM 08-31-2012
My question is do you still do alot of outdoor play when you have kindergarteners in your group. I'm in the afternoon group for kindergarteners and I'm not sure if we should really do alot of outdoor play when they still have to go to school.

We play hard and get dirty, wet, grass-stained, the whole bit. When we come for lunch we change into clean clothes. They are just more play clothes the parents send.

Would you have parents send specifically school only clothes for me to change them into?
itlw8 03:12 PM 08-31-2012
I bet they come to you because of your activites The younger ones would miss out on alot if it stopped because some are going to school. So yes continue you already have the routine of changing
Country Kids 03:28 PM 08-31-2012
I really don't have to worry about this for a year but I have revamped my program so much that I want to teally be ready and have the parents on board when the time comes.
daycare 03:32 PM 08-31-2012
i would have them play hard. It will get all the sillies out before class time..

I would also change them if they got really dirty....maybe have a set of clothes that are kept there for your house only and have the parents send them in their school clothes
nanglgrl 03:35 PM 08-31-2012
I would say never give up that outdoor time. We have been outside every day from 9 am to 11:30 am this summer except once when it rained. My parents love that their children get dirty and I'm sure yours do too! As for the kindergarten kids I would do what you said, luckily they should be able to get themselves dressed in clean clothes and cleaned up to go to school with minimal assistance. We have full day kindergarten in our state and have for 14 years in my town. It makes things so much easier for daycare!
EchoMom 06:28 PM 08-31-2012
I just had this come up for the first time today. DCB who goes to afternoon K was in the giant wading pool but slipped and soaked his whole outfit of nice looking new school clothes. I had a back up outfit for him, but it was older looking play clothes and no underwear.

I suppose I could have put his clothes in the dryer, but that would mean bringing all the other kids/babies inside so I could do that and I just decided no way that would be way too much hassle.

But it did make me think I should ask mom to send a backup SCHOOL outfit.
daycarediva 07:19 PM 08-31-2012
I keep a backup 'nice' outfit at my house for all the kids. My parents all know to tell me they want them looking 'fit for public' before pick up.
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