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JeepGirl6 08:32 PM 12-20-2010
When parents claim me for taxes do I give them my S.S number or a tax id number? If Tax Id number, I don't have one, what should I do? Thanks ....

"edited" Sorry, I didn't realize their was a Tax section to put this in but I don't want to post it twice.
DCMomOf3 05:31 AM 12-21-2010
If you haven't set up a EIN (fed Tax ID) then yes, you have to use your SS#.
TomCopeland 09:51 PM 12-23-2010
To get your EIN, go to and search for "Online EIN". You fill out a few screens and then will get your EIN. No cost.
kendallina 07:13 AM 12-24-2010
Yup, here's the exact link, I just did it the other day, took 5 minutes and got my number immediately.
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