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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>How Many Days Are You Closed in The Summer?
CountryRoads 07:16 AM 05-22-2019
I'm about to hand out my summer schedule and am curious as to how many closures everyone else has?
storybookending 07:47 AM 05-22-2019
5 days this summer June-August. I had 7 days off at the end of March for a vacation so nothing major planned for the summer. Just the 4th and the 5th of July since the 4th is a Thursday. Then 3 days in August. A random Monday and a Monday/Tuesday combo for my birthday which I take as a paid holiday. Iím fortunate this year that all of my parents have easy back up since two will be on maternity leave and the others have older siblings at home with teenage babysitters that donít mind taking the littles here or there. Not that I would worry about taking off if they didnít. Just makes it extra easy for everyone. I could probably take off every Monday in August and no one would notice hah.
BumbleBee 07:50 AM 05-22-2019
5 days. July 1st-5th.

7 if you count memorial day and labor day.
Valerie928 08:13 AM 05-22-2019
I am closed 10 days during the summer and I took the week of Christmas off. Very happy I took a bit more time this year.
Jupadia 08:26 AM 05-22-2019
This summer I'm taking 5 days vaction (going camping for the week), no charge.
As well as Canada day (July 1) which is a Monday so it will make a long weekend. Sometimes I will take the in between days off to make it a weekend. Labour day the first Monday in September (weekend before school start). I charge for both of these cause they are stat holidays. Ad well though not a stat day I take the first Monday in August off (Civic day) and do charge.
And if you want to count it I'm taking the first day of school off as a vacation day no charge. my youngest starts jr. Kindergarten and oldest goes to grade 1.

Eta: 9 days total
CountryRoads 08:35 AM 05-22-2019

I'm taking 8 days and didn't know if it was "too" many. I felt like it wasn't, but I always tend to feel guilty and second guess myself.

Only 2 of the days are to spend with my own kids. The summers go by so fast, I'm jealous of the providers that take them off!
storybookending 08:40 AM 05-22-2019
Originally Posted by CountryRoads:
I'm jealous of the providers that take them off!
This is my goal. I wanted to slowly replace with teachers kids as my currents age out but my current dcms keep getting pregnant hahaha. As of September 2/6 slots will be teachers kids. But those slots belong to my SIL who pretty much works all summer so I donít think it counts I could be at 3/6 but I really did not get a good vibe from that mom and passed on them. I wonít sacrifice my sanity September-May for summers off.
DaveA 09:09 AM 05-22-2019
May- September I'm taking 8 days off. Memorial Day, 2 days in June for a trade show, July 4th & 5th, a Friday/ Monday In August to go somewhere with the kids, & Labor Day.
Blackcat31 09:19 AM 05-22-2019
I take Friday and Monday for both Memorial Day and Labor Day as well as a full week over the 4th of July.

I also take the 3rd Monday in August off as my DH and I always attend the NHRA race in my area and I always need Monday to recover.

So 10 days total. However, I have taken more and taken less. Depends on my group of kids and my summer plans.
Ariana 09:24 AM 05-22-2019
I am taking a two week vacation, so 10 days and a few Mondays for camping.
e.j. 12:09 PM 05-22-2019
I take Memorial Day, the 4th of July and Labor Day off as paid holidays. I have 5 days of vacation off in July and I'm not open on Fridays (except for one or two in June that I agreed to do.)
Daycaremomma01 03:21 PM 05-22-2019
I donít take any days off paid (unless dcps just donít bring their kid on a scheduled day)

But May-Sept I am taking SEVERAL days off.
Friday & Monday for Memorial Day - yearly family trip
Thursday and Friday for 4th of July. - because I want a long weekend (lots going on w/ family)
5 days in July for my husbands work shutdown - previously planned family vaca.
First day of school (for my kids)
Half a Monday in August (to meet my kids teachers)
Every other Thursday (because I only ever have one kid on these days anyways, and half the time none)
And half a day every other Friday (the weeks Iím open on Thursdays) - for previously planned camping trips with my family.
theassistant 11:46 AM 05-23-2019
Memorial Day and 4th of July. We only take off for bank holidays. If something comes up in advance, we'll take a day off, but so far there hasn't been a need for that.
Jo123ABC 12:25 PM 05-23-2019
3-4 vacation days plus memorial day and 4th of July. I had the stomach flu roll through a couple of weeks ago so I needed to use 2 sick days.
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