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squareone 02:12 PM 03-21-2012
I have been creating a weekly invoice for my subsidy parent just like I do for my private pay parents. Then, I apply her copay to the invoice when she pays me and then when I get the payment from the state I also apply that to the invoice. This helps me keep track of who has paid what and whether the state has paid me for all the correct days.

Under Other Income there is an option to enter subsidy payments. If I use this option I would have to manually keep track of whether the mom paid or whether the state paid and whether something is still owing which is a PITA. Does it matter that I am doing it my way instead of using the Other Income category? I know that I am not supposed to do both, right?
squareone 10:48 AM 03-23-2012
Can anyone help me with this? Tom?
gelbesonn 10:57 AM 03-26-2012
When I had subsidy parents, this is what I did:
I made an invoice to the parents for my full amt, then under fees/discounts, I would discount the amt I get from the state. (This would then end up equaling the copay) THEN under other income, I enter the subsidy amt.

My weekly rate: 165 (amt I put on the invoice)
Subsidy rate: 110 (amt I put under the discount line)
This leave 55 for the copay and total invoice amt. (Parents pay this)

Then under Other payment, I will put the 110.
squareone 11:01 AM 03-26-2012
Thanks gelbesonn! That makes sense.
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