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jenn 06:29 AM 06-13-2013
I just wanted to say that I am so thankful for this forum. When I first started doing daycare, I didn't really know any other providers. It is so nice to see that many of us have similar experiences, similar questions, and similar vents! I have been encouraged and felt so supported since joining this forum.
preschoolteacher 06:52 AM 06-13-2013
I think it's great, too! It has been really helpful for me as to what I should expect once I open my daycare. I ended up changing some of my ideas based on what I've learned here. And I already have an awesome policy handbook written thanks to the advice from the other providers!
Michael 02:54 PM 06-13-2013
Thanks for the great feedback. What makes this forum great are its members and the moderators and admins that put in their time to make it so successful.

I am trying to constantly get the word out to other providers and parents to make them aware of our support community. National commercials are too expensive

I started making members of those that sign up on our listing registry. That way they get our weekly Hot Topic emails.

We have seen the forum grow over time and it is a labor love in many ways.
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