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tenderhearts 11:30 AM 11-19-2012
So this is the second week with the 4 1/2 mo old. Last week her naps were about 1n 1 1/2 each, but today they have been 30 or less minutes, this is CRAZY. I'm sure it's because things are different at home meaning they pick her up as soon as she makes a peep. How do you get rid of "catnaps" and help them sleep longer? Most babies I've watched have all napped way better than this one.
Blackcat31 11:39 AM 11-19-2012
Count your blessings....I have a 3 month old who seriously stays awake the entire day.

Maybe every once in a while he will fall asleep for 20 minutes or so but from 8 a.m. until 3:30 pm. he is wide awake and chatting up a storm.

Happy as can be so I don't mind but I do have to wonder what in the world as I too, have never had a baby so young NOT sleep.
Willow 12:01 PM 11-19-2012
It's not always an issue of coddling.

Just some ideas - could be due to teething (I've seen babies teeth even younger), needing larger feedings (my two just turned 5 month olds just upped the feeding ante by about two ounces each bottle), the ability to constructively move around more (one of those 5 month olds has mastered getting up on all fours and then gets "stuck" which throws him into the most incredibly fits of frustration - makes falling asleep hard when it's almost become an automatic series of movements, and the resulting over-tiredness doesn't help matters), changes in clothing (parents just discovered the other one who was primarily dressed in one pieces up until now has quite the aversion to anything with an elastic waist), gas or allergies due to introducing new foods etc. etc.

Although anything is possible, if baby was napping fine before I doubt the parents have just now started going overboard with holding when previously they weren't.

I'd play around with some of the above. Is baby drooling? Can you see any teeth buds bulging at the gum line? Is she spitting up a lot? Possible ear infection or flu? (tis the season for that junk :P ) Is she agitated when done eating as if she might want more or may still have a tougher burp stuck? Is diaper or clothing too tight, or of funky fabric that might be irritating? (my own son couldn't stand jean material) Did you check fingers and toes for any strands of hair that might be wound tight? Or the body for any rashes? Does she spend a fair amount of time being upright as laying down might be getting a bit "boring" and understimulating for her at this point?

I've found swaddling helps my one right now. I can't lay him down to sleep like that but his body is in go go go mode and it's tough for him to hold still long enough to fall asleep soundly. Wrapping him as he drifts off really helps get his body in the mood to konk out
tenderhearts 12:47 PM 11-19-2012
Thanks, no last week she did about the same (it was her first week), however tuesday/wednesday she seemed to nap longer, but I let her cry a little bit, not a hard cry but she fussed off and on for a like 15 min and fell back asleep. She did that today but she would fuss for like 3 seconds then stop for about 3-5 min and this went on for about 40 min when it finally went to a harder cry so I got her up. Each time I checked on her during this time her eyes were closed that's why I chose to leave her. So she has been up for only 30 min and is now fussy again.
No she is not drooling and it is nothing new that they rush to get her at every peep. Not to mention 1 day a week grandparents watch and they just hold her ALL day and let her nap in their arms, then she's back here the next day. So I'm sure after a weekend of this I'm sure she is just used to it. But I have a hard time letting babies cry too long too.
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