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Play Care 09:56 AM 06-11-2015
So today, one of my DCD's tries to drop a bombshell, buuuut little does he know I planned the whole thing

In Janurary I interviewed for my two spots that I have due to kids leaving for school. I plan on keeping one boy for after school, but the other lives in a different district and I thought she'd be gone. In any event I filled the spots immediately.

In February the one DCD *informs* me his child will now be going to school in my district. But doesn't ask about openings. At this point his schedule is so far off what I offer I knew I'd have to give notice. but planned on waiting until after preschool is done.

In March I meet the aunt of dcg out at a party. She had been a client but last year I gave notice as her kids were too old for my care. She lost her mind in my foyer but seems to be fine with it now. She asks if DCD told me that I will have dcg next year. This is where I schemed rather that just nod and smile I tell her he didn't really tell me that, and I don't have a spot for her. I figure this way she can be the one to get him new day care and I won't have to be the bad guy (which we all know makes life a lot easier )

End of May- DCD gives notice for after preschool. Makes up a story about being off this summer and wanting to spend time with dcg. Apparently he thinks I'm dumb
I assumed all along that dcg will be going to the same provider aunt has. New provider is somewhat of a doormat so I'm sure everyone will be much happier
Today - other DCD says "we'll miss you when you go to Mrs D's house!" Now, I know this parent well and I know he thinks I had no idea...
I almost wish we had a scheming hand rubbing smiley
Rockgirl 10:25 AM 06-11-2015
Well played!
AmyKidsCo 12:44 PM 06-11-2015
Congrats! My schemes usually blow up in my face, so it's nice to hear of one that actually worked.
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