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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>DCB Really Trying My Patience!!!
Unregistered 06:10 AM 05-12-2011
I have a 3 year old DCB that I've had since he was 7 months old. In the last 6 months I've seen him go from my favorite (yes, I know, I'm not suppose to pick favorites) to the mouthiest 3 year old I have ever seen! (If my own child ever talked the way he does, she would be seriously reprimanded!)

Just this week:

DCD drops off and DCB now finds it amusing to cling to his leg not letting him out the door. (He used to throw fits when DCD left but that issue has been taken care of.)

He has been mean towards the other kids...i.e. If I am preparing lunch, the kids usually corral at the gate separating the daycare room and the kitchen. If DCB wants to stand in a spot that another child is already standing, he'll grab their shirt or collar and forcefully move them out of the way! He attempted this again this morning and I caught him.

He threw his fork half way across the room refusing breakfast, which is fine by me. (He normally loves pancakes.) You don't eat, you wait til the next meal or snack is served. I offered, that's all I can do.

The words out of his mouth are so demanding or hateful, I really don't know how much more I can take. It's like I've seen the Jeckyll and Hyde of this kid!! I made banana bread and a cake yesterday. I swear this kid called my name 60 times in 2 hours demanding a piece of cake! Then at snack time, he still wanted cake. I told him to sit in his chair at the table and he refused so I said, "No cake than." Of course, he sat right down.

I know the DCP's struggle with him sometimes and they really question whether they should add to their family.

My kids are all grown and I don't ever remember my son being this mean at 3. I don't understand why EVERYTHING has to be a struggle lately!!!

Please tell me this is just part of the terrible 2's and short lived!
Tags:3 year old, bad behavior, clingy, punishment