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New Members - Welcome to the Forum!>Advice for Dealing With A Very Hyperactive 3yr Old
cvc1204 08:14 PM 02-25-2012
Hello I am reaching out for any advice on how to work with a very hyper child in my classroom. A brief run down of this situation is I work with 2yr olds and when they are 3 they transition to pre-school. I have just recently received this child who is now 3 back into my room. She went from a class of 8 to 20 and now is back with 8. In my room she climbed furniture frequently, took other childrens food, would not sit for an art project and when was told that what she was doing was not safe or not "ok" as we say it all she would do is smile and continue on. If I had her constantly by my side she was ok. When she went to pre-school there were 20 children and a larger room her behaviour became worse and my director decided it would be best to send her back to my room for a couple months. I am thinking of a new approach to take with her and try to give as much one on one as I can. I am planning on scheduling out her day, giving transition warnings, distinguishing quiet/active time, lots of positive praise and most important goals. I would like some ideas and sugestions on things I can do with her to accomplish these.