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daycare 03:48 PM 01-04-2013
Not sure what to think here.

so I have a set of sister siblings that have been here for awhile. The parents have a hard time following a lot of the rules and give me a hard time when I put my foot down.

Both of them have been very very sick with a very bad chest cold. They both have been in and out of care over the last two weeks with fevers, vomiting, and severe coughing.

Well DCD had to pick one dcg yesterday due to severe crankiness, coughing and mild spit up and fever of 103.2. The poor girl just could not participate. So she can't come back until Monday if all symptoms resolved.

So today DCm drops off only one of the girls and says she is taking the other one to the doc. Ok sorry to hear she is sick still is what I replied.

well our day goes on as normal. I called DCM to see how DCG is doing, but get no answer. Then around 12:30pm my time I get a call from their old provider who they still use as back up. She tell me is the other DCG at my house and is she sick too?? Huh what?

DCM lied to me, took DCG to the old provider, doped her up and dropped her off. DCG woke up with a raging fever and was screaming.

I talk to the provider only for a minute, as I tell her that I am not sure what we are or are not supposed to tell each other because of privacy issues. We agree and end the call. BTW this provider and I became friends because of this family. Super sweet lady. She also has a no sick child policy, DCM knows this.

I am so blown away by this. If the DCM did that to her, I am sure she will have no issues doing it to me... she didn't break my rules, but I am sooooo shocked that someone could do this with a child that is so ill.

I am not really looking for any advice here, just wanted to share this and vent.