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Victoria 12:57 PM 09-11-2007
Would you be able to forward me any state laws that would govern how day care must handle visitors to children while in their care?

A brief explanation: I tried to visit with our grandchildren while they were in daycare. I found out that I was not on the "authorized" list to sign the children out of daycare, but stated that I was only there to visit with them. They looked at my id, checked their paperwork and told me that I was not able to visit because the mother had not authorized me. I asked if the father of the children could authorize me, and was told that the fathers' name was not authorized either. The mother is more or less holding the children hostage until court mediation in October. All of this has come about because our son (the children's father) wanted it legalized that we had the children 5 days per week for the last 3 years, and the mother has only had the children 2 days per week for the last 3 years. There has never been a court order, nor has there been a problem with this agreed upon visitation schedule until my son wanted it done formally.

Are there any state guidelines that we must know about as far as visiting with these children while they are at daycare? Can the mother say, without a court order, who cannot visit with the children while at day care? Any and all help with the state laws would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you in advance
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