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Unregistered 08:36 AM 04-13-2015
my guess it has happened to us all
new 1 yr old 2 days a week, started first week in April
1 day a week at friends day care , 2 here, 2 with family
quite the transition for baby
we did a slow introduction , 2 hours a week in March
mom pops in this morng to grab stuff left over weekend to take to other day care today
and gives notice
she is going to friends day care full time , which sounds like they where hoping for
and give notice infront of other client dropping off who is a friend of theirs
so a huge waste of my time and energy , great baby but has been very hard transition for her and us ....lots of work
and I even turned away possible clients ( yes I can call )
but gee all this work for half month
they are paying to end of month but sounds like baby not here for rest of month
wish they had told me from day one they where hoping for full time I would of not taken child
Tags:parents - changing things, vent