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Daycare and Taxes>Daycare Tuition; 2019 or 2020 Tax Year?
Unregistered 01:00 PM 01-03-2020
This is my first year having two years in one week at the end of the year, so I apologize if this question is obvious.

How do I split up the years for tuition? For example: I had 3 different payments accepted prior to the 1st of this year, but the tuition was for two days in 2020. Do I put it all on 2019 since the payment was cleared in my bank account and the payment was accepted in 2019? Or do I put Monday in 2019 and Thursday and Friday in 2020?

I also have a parent paying today for the 30th, 2nd, and 3rd. Do I split this up or would it all be considered 2020 since Iím being paid in 2020? To make it even more complicated, this parent has a credit of $15 from mid December that they have forgotten to balance out each time they pay me. Do I just leave the credit on their account until itís balanced out or do I have to figure that in somewhere for 2019 since I received it in 2019 even though itíll technically be for 2020 and I havenít spent the payment, as it was paid in cash?
Tags:deduction - tuition, tuition breakdown