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Joyfulnoise 07:13 AM 07-27-2020
My 4 yo dd is suddenly struggling to play. She doesn't want to do anything except sit on top of me all day. Quite honestly, I am suffocating. I am very involved in my kids' day. They get plenty of time & attention. I play games, run around in the yard, read books etc. But she will not go play on her own. It doesn't matter what's going on. Kids playing in the water/she's on my lap on the swing. Everyone reading in the hammocks/she begs to be in my hammock. Free play with toys/she wants to stand beside me & have a conversation. Even at night if we're doing a family movie/she is in my chair snuggled up on my lap. I say go play about every 5 min all day long. It's been like this for a month now. She knows how to play. She will set up doll houses & make the figures talk or act out all kinds of scenarios. But I have to be standing right there by her. What is going on? I'm craving a few minutes of peace.
Tags:4 year old, clingy, discipline - consistency, provider children, providers own child, won't play